Hi. I'm Victor Nogueira.

I'm a Brazilian designer focused on digital products and user experience.

I studied design at the Catholic University (PUC) in Rio de Janeiro. In 2008, I got my bachelor's degree and started my first full-time job, designing iPhone apps and games.

Currently I live in Brooklyn, where I work as a Product Design Lead at Huge. I’ve participated on projects for Google, Intel, Pepsi and Discovery Channel. Designing and building beautiful and easy to use digital products is what I love to do.

While at Huge Rio, I worked on some great projects, such as the new website for Itaú – the largest bank in Brazil. I also designed websites and apps for other important Brazilian brands, such as Vale, Oi and Abril Media.

I'm really passionate about web and prototyping tools. I study and read about HTML, CSS and Javascript every day and contribute to the Framer community on Facebook as much as I can. I'm also interested in typography, which I believe is a fundamental part of my work.